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We are confident that the best method for countering the dangers of extremism and radicalization is education. Extremist ideology is rooted in the teachings of a few radical thinkers. Exposing these people and their ideas and demonstrating their non-compliance with genuine Islamic teachings is not difficult. And with this knowledge, we hope to inoculate Muslims from the influences of those who seek to propagate aberrant ideologies in the name of Islam.
We also hope to make a broader outreach to the general community. We are confident that Islam is relevant to the challenges we all face in our society. Islam stresses family values and having good relations with one’s neighbors. Education (both worldly and religious) has been a pillar of Islamic civilization for more than 1,400 years. Islam encourages citizens to be law-abiding and productive members of society. Islam addresses issues of substance abuse and other various psychological challenges some of us may face. Islam acknowledges the need to have a strong entrepreneurial ethic, so that communities can have flourishing local economies. It is our hope that by sharing the message of Islam with the general public, we can offer a sense a direction and purpose to those who feel lost or have been swept away by our constantly changing society. It is our intention to work with and collaborate with people of good will to improve our neighborhoods and society.